Roberto Medico

Nicolas Knudde


PhD Student at the Department of Information Technology (INTEC)


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Since Oct. 2016, Roberto Medico works as a PhD Student in Machine Learning & Data Analysis at SUMOLab, Ghent University, under the supervision of Prof. Tom Dhaene and Prof. Dirk Deschrijver.

His current research interests include:

  • anomaly/outlier detection techniques for time-series data;
  • deep learning techniques for unsupervised anomaly detection;
  • interpretable time-series feature extraction and classification.

Before starting the PhD, Roberto studied Computer Engineering at the University of Florence, Italy, obtaining a Bachelor Degree in Dec. 2013 and a Master Degree in Apr. 2016.

During the Master studies, he first spent six months as an exchange student at the University of Oulu, Finland and later six months in Gent, Belgium to carry out his Master Thesis in collaboration with the Gent-based analytics company Yazzoom.

Research interests

  • Machine Learning
  • Anomaly Detection
  • Data Mining
  • Time-series data analysis
  • Internet of Things


Refereed publications